Business Continuity Plan

In the event of a disaster or business disruption, Silversage Advisors® has taken steps to mitigate business disruptions from a variety of disasters. Whether environmental, organized, equipment, utility, security, or transportation related, our office has taken steps to attempt to minimize the impact these events would cause on day-to-day operations.

In the event of a business disruption, you should contact us via email at: [email protected] >>

Regular back up of our information is conducted on a daily basis. Additionally, we maintain off-site back up facilities to store all of our data in the event of business disruption in our office.

While our plans attempt to deal with the potential impact of a variety of scenarios, any specific response will be highly dependent upon the nature and extent of the circumstances of the event. Our plan is subject to modifications at any time and updates will be posted to our website. Additionally, clients may request a status update of the disruption by emailing [email protected] >>

To the extent possible, Silversage Advisors intends to continue doing business during any outages and regularly update clients on any disruption.

Contact us with any questions at 1-888-969-7500, [email protected] or via this form