Aspen Grimes

Aspen Grimes Headshot

Aspen is passionate about client service, and is known for her warm and friendly demeanor. As a Client Service Associate, she builds robust relationships with clients and enjoys hearing their life stories. A dedicated athlete her entire life, four years as a college softball player, Aspen understands how paramount teamwork is and values being part of the Silversage team helping clients achieve their goals and dreams. Aspen also enjoys collaborating with her coworkers, while fostering an optimistic work culture that is inclusive and supportive.

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Oklahoma Baptist University, Aspen recognizes the importance of communication in every aspect of life. She brings with her the knowledge gained from her communication courses, implementing them into her daily work. She ensures that clients feel heard and understood, which is of the highest priority to her. She aims to be an essential resource for Silversage clients, not only meeting, but exceeding, their expectations.

Aspen relishes the sunny Southern California climate. In her free time she enjoys working out, playing on her coed softball team, going to the beach, roller skating, and spending time with her friends.

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