Tiffany Sum

Tiffany’s Client Service Associate role is a crucial component of our office’s operations. She has built strong relationships with our clients, and goes above and beyond to serve them. She understands complexities of the financial industry, and endeavors to provide a level of service to our clients to allow them to worry less about the financial planning and investment process so that they can enjoy life to the fullest.

During her studies at Loyola Marymount University, Tiffany worked in hospitality and completed her B.A. in Entrepreneurship & International Business. Being drawn to investments early on led her to the financial services industry.

Tiffany gained experience in a variety of industries prior to joining Silversage. Beginning her career working with a hedge fund, her role allowed her to gain hands-on experience with a start-up that required her to wear multiple hats. From managing client presentations to hosting client dinner parties, she was able to connect with clients and develop her knowledge of the industry.

Tiffany excels at interacting with clients as her energetic and empathetic nature makes clients feel comfortable and appreciated. She strives to be direct, efficient and resourceful in managing the daily needs of both clients and team members. Her goal is to leave a memorable mark on clients as she pursues a career in wealth management.

When Tiffany is out of the office, she is passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle. She also greatly enjoys cooking and baking.

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